Our own versatile printing house allows us to print using many different techniques and on different media, so we can always choose the most efficient technology for each specific case. A single copy or a large volume project - we are ready for the job!

Our main printing techniques include:

UV flatbed printing is currently one of the most basic and efficient technologies of advertisement printing. The possibility of application onto any media, the high durability, and the high quality and vivid colours produced are the main assets of this technique. In 2016 we acquired a new DURST machine that assures the highest quality and efficiency of flatbed printing.

Digital solvent printing on roll media, including adhesive film, banner fabric, outdoor mesh and a wide array of other specialised media (for example OWV film - one way vision film for windows), is the basic technique in any advertisement printing facility. We have several modern large format printers operating with this technology.

Screen printing is a trusty, traditional technology that - in specific cases - cannot be matched by any of the newer digital printing techniques. The extraordinarily high durability, the perfect reproduction of colours and the low price for high volumes are its advantages.

We also cooperate with several offset printing houses, which provide us with services for very high volume printing jobs, on preferential terms and with great prices.


DURST flatbed UV printer
DURST flatbed UV printer DURST flatbed UV printer